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Announcing the latest enhancements in the CECity Platform!
Posted by Terri Kosanovic on 11 June 2014 09:07 AM

Announcing the latest enhancements in the CECity Platform!

The features below were released January through May 2014.

Users will benefit from enhancements and updates made to improve the functionality that can be found in CME360®, Lifetime™, and MedConcert®.

To learn more, please review the release note information included below which describes many of these new features in more detail.

What's New in CME360®?

Activity Retake Delay

An enhancement has been added to the Activity Retake feature to define the number of days before a user can re-enroll in an activity.

Bundled Activities

A new Bundle node is available for Stand Alone and Stand Alone Live Meetings. Individual activities can be grouped to create a Bundle.  Settings will allow activities to be priced by individual activity or by bundle.  Additionally, settings will define the activities that are required to complete a bundle and claim credits.

Disabling Required Fields for Participant Activity Import

An enhancement has been added to the Site Participant Activity Import feature to disable required fields.  Users can be uploaded to the Lifetime portal while keeping the existing registration fields in place for manual registration.  This feature will allow more seamless importing with fewer processing errors.

PIM Group Registration

A new PIM setting has been added to allow users to register as an individual or as part of a group. Group users will be placed in a specific peer group where their results will be calculated with other group participants.

Manage Control Forms Select/Deselect All

A new option has been added that easily allows the user to select or deselect all answer choices to include in manage control form configuration.

Setting the Activity Completion Date to the Last Day of a Live Meeting

An enhancement has been added to CME360® to set a participant’s activity completion date to the last day of a Live Meeting. This setting is a configurable option that can be enabled by organization.


What's New in Lifetime?

Activity Content Viewing Requirements

A new column and icon have been added to the Activity Material(s) tab displaying a tool tip with content viewing requirements.  Requirements are set up on the Content node in CME360®.

Activity Listing Component By Accrediting Body

An option has been added to the Activity Listing Component allowing multiple accreditation types within the same accrediting body.

Assessment Display Title

A new Control Panel site setting has been added to use the Assessment Display Title as the assessment name.


What's New in MedConcert®?

Disable Online Registration

In the App Store, users without an activity/participant record will see a “More Info” button.  When they select the App, they will be navigated to the Activity Details page bypassing registration.

Wire Rich Text Editor

A rich text editor has been added to the MedConcert® Wire.  HTML formatting will be retained when content is copied to a Wire post. This enhancement will be available at the Profile level, Network Level, and Home page.

Technical Support:

Technical support is available Monday through Friday from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. (Eastern Time excluding national holidays).

You can obtain CME360® Support through the following methods:

  • Online: Access the online CME360® Support Center. The CME360® Support Center can be accessed via the Help link located within the CME360® system.
  • Email: Send Email support requests to
  • Phone: A dedicated toll-free CME360® support line has been established for licensed CME360® users: Call 1-877-232-4899.

For more information on how your organization can partner with CECity on Lifetime™, please contact your CECity Account Representative (1-888-669-7444).

Thank you for your continued support and feedback.



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